Have to say these are really great curries, my farther in law and myself bought some in Banstable pannier market last year. I was going to buy some on the internet sight for his farthers day however I can not seem to be able to have them delivered to a different address to the card one so I wont be buying any as I am rarely at home to recive post. Please can this be changed.
Marretta Corliss
Hi , I bought some of these packets in Atlantic village food fare and my partner cooked the Do-piaza...he did exactly as instructed and without a doubt it was the best curry I have ever tasted. I normally eat Chicken madras but we had this instead. We are definately going to order some more.
I followed the instructions to the letter for creating a lamb Dhansak......the result? One of, if not the finest meals of that type I have ever eaten. A truly *** dish created by using just the few sealed sachets of ingredients in the product sold.
I will most definitely be buying more.....I MAY just take the credit at any Indian themed dinner party I give once I have hidden the packaged goodies wrappers.
I had a gift box of these for Xmas 2012, as my sister knew we were really missing proper restaurant style curry out here in France. I have tried all the recipes, sauces and pastes previously but could never achieve the same style curry that you get in restaurants in the UK. I tried the Dansak kit first and despite finding the instructions a bit confusing in places, muddled through to produce something truly miraculous. I could not believe the results were, as good as (or even better) than a real take away curry, but got just as good results with the Patia, Vindaloo and Madras. Despite the relatively high price per kit, I plan to really stock up on my next trip to Devon, if I can get a good bulk discount.
Sophie Kerslake
My previous curry making experience is very limited and usually involves opening a jar! I made an Anglo Indian Chef turkey Tika Masala to use up the Christmas turkey. It was the most fantastic curry I've ever tasted, better than any I've had in a resteraunt. The instructions were easy to follow and The Pilau rice looked and tasted fab. I'm addicted, as is my partner who previously claimed to not like curry!
Just finished off the last of the Jahlfrezy and I honestly have never had better. Easy to prep and even easier to eat. Love this product and love the company !!!
I've tried several of the kits now and have enjoyed every single one. The jalfrezi is a personal favourite, my fiancee is crazy about the pasanda. I can honestly say that I've not had as good curries since I moved back to Devon from London.
The customer service is first class too.
The best curry kits bar none enough said.
:p We bought a korma curry kit from you at Atlantic Village and it was absolutely fantastic! The instructions are easy to follow and we had clean plates all round!!!
Having worked in an Indian restaurant I didn't think anything would come close, but this was ***!!! Can't wait to try the rest of the range!!!
Andrew Harrold
Just ordered my 3rd parcel of 4!
Yes TRULY better than nearly every curry house/Indian reataurant I've ever been to.
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