Pete Wines
I did promise some feedback on the Dhansak curry I bought from you at Atlantic village last Sunday.
I was using Venison and you suggested the Dhansak would suit the meat best, absolutely spot on.
It worked really well, I never add any salt to cooking and it didn't need it, great flavor, just the right heat and very low in fat. Thanks again.
Jim Davis
just tried my first curry now, made the chicken jafrezi.. Thank you very good much better than some takeaways I've had. Will be trying others.
barry green
hi I meet u at Barnstable market and Atlantic city farmers market I did not like curry till I tried yours and have sold your very good product to a lot of friends on sun bingo will soon be placing my first order with u as I bought back 5 lots of spices and look forward to seeing you when we come back to Broughon next year many thanks good liuk barry green :roll
Craig Blunsdon
Hi bought some curryies from Barnstable market whilst on holidays , what more can I say other than awesome the best curry I've ever tasted (STUNNING) ! When I got home and tasted the curry I ordered £50 quids worth straight away worth every penny ! Trust me order some and you want be disappointed Thanks a lot craig
Mr C. Alexander
I got some Tikka Masala & Pilau Rice from the Atlantic village stall while staying down with some friends, in Bradworthy, over the August bank holiday. Now my friends are veggies so I used Butter Nut Squash and Parsnip instead of meat I teamed your products with my Potato & Broccoli Aloo Gobi recipe and the results were fantastic. You claim we could 'Enjoy a delicious restaurant curry at home' and you were right, but we had better beer. I have given copies of your flyer to some friends so if you get some orders from near 'The Smoke' you know who to thank
We met you in the pannier market at Barnstaple whilst on holidays.We ended up buying 5 packs .
I have got to say we enjoyed them all.The Madras and vindaloo will be first time tasting when we get our Full Monty Pack. I hope we can handle the heat!We have told our friends about your products as this is at the moment one of Cookings best secrets.
Just cooked an *** curry for my very fussy son and he loved it will be buying more
Roy & Sue Morgan
Hi, it's us again! Following our last Feedback, this is just to let you know that Roy's birthday weekend curry cook-up session went brilliantly. We made a Chicken Tikka Masala, a Lamb Rogan Josh & a Beef madras. Roy marinated all the meat with the special spices 24 hours ahead, and then David, who is himself totally into curry making in a big way, did most of the cooking on the Saturday. It took us 1 hour to knock up all 3 curries including a raita, rice, poppadoms, and chapatis, which took away a great deal of hard work if we were to do it conventionally.
Comments ranged from "awesome"; "absolutely delicious"; "much better than the supermarket stuff"; "Ken's definitely got a great thing going with this idea", to name but a few superlatives.
The Madras and the Tikka Masala were definitely joint equal favourites. Everyone thought that the Rogan Josh was a really nice curry but did not think it was quite "Rogan Joshy" enough, maybe needs to be a bit more "tomatey" in flavour?We couldn't be quite speci***.
Anyway, after submitting this feedback we are going to order for some more curries, definitely some Patias which is our absolute favourite and not sure yet what else. But can't wait until they arrive!
Roy & Sue Morgan
Ken, you are a genius the way you have done this.
It was my birthday yesterday, and decided for the first time to try one of the taster packs with left with us the last time you visited. We made up a Chicken Patia curry (really easy and straight-forward). Honestly, it was by far the best curry we have ever tasted - we were both amazed how rich a flavoursome it was and much better than Ghandi's in Portswood, which is currently our favourite curry restaurant.
Wow! what a revelation.
We are having family over this weekend as my 'of***ial' 65th birthday celebration, and we have decided to get them involved in making up the rest of the curry packs you left with us.
We also think they will make great gift ideas, so we will be ordering more from you in the not too distant future.
Carry on the good work!
I highly recommend these - i bought mine in Barnstaple to fit in hand luggage back to Italy - no problem with sauces/liquids on the plane. they are the nicest curries i have ever made and so easy to do. much appreciated by my kids, as we don't come across curries often here. i have recommended to all my friends via facebook. thank you for these delicious meals! I will buy more and hope my friends do too!
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