Kate W
I bought some of the mixes last time I was visiting my parents in North Devon and they were all awesome. My kids and husband really enjoyed them so much it became my son's favorite dinner and I can't get anything close here in the U.S. When we ran out I tried other sauces and they were okay but nowhere near as good. I am heading back to the UK soon and will be stocking up for myself and some expat friends who miss 'proper' curry too.
Nicola Foley
We were very lucky to be able to try these fantastic curries at Cheddar market/boot sale.
WOW!!!!! We were totally in awe, these are restaurant quality curries made in our own kitchen. The smell, the taste, everything about them was totally faultless!
I'm so very pleased to have gone to the market that day, unfortunately, they were not there this week hence why I'm now a new online customer of this fantastic company.
Seriously if you have not been lucky enough to try these wonderful dishes yet, get ordering you wil not be disappointed!
Well tried the Dahansak. Another hit with me. Going to give the Korma a try next. A pleasure to work through the range.
Your curry kits arrived on Thursday...thank you so much.

Well...my husband cooked us the Pathia tonight. Wow! It was delicious, so much so Andrew is keeping the leftover sauce to add more chicken!

We 'brined' the chicken which was an amazing tip we will use again and again. Andrew thought it was a doddle to make, following your clear instructions - as I mentioned on the phone, we do The Spicery.com curries and their instructions are quite involved! It was so quick to make. We did marinade overnight but a better-than-takeaway curry in 20 mins is amazing...oh, and no 'cheap' curry aroma pervading the house!

We also really like the packaging!

My only personal comment would be that it was a little on the hot side for me! Andrew loves them hot but he too felt it was a little more than med/hot but, having said all that, we both thought it was superb. We will definitely be making some purchases from your site.

Can't wait to try the next one!
Chris Moor
8) Great to find the sort of flavour I find at good Indian restaurants.
Was born in Pakistan, Grew up on Indian food.I do cook a lot of curries, but have found that its only when going to the Midlands I can get all the ingredients I need, and even then there can be something missing or I run out. So AIC have solved a problem especially with the PATHIA, one of my all favs.
So I'm now working my through the range with high hopes and anticipation. Let you know when the task is completed. No doubt I may have to go back for seconds before I can make that judgement!!!!
Shelley Smith
Ordered the Fire in the House selection and tried the Madras curry. In a few words IT WAS ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC. Since living in C***da I have really missed pukka UK Indian Restaurant type curries but not any longer as I will definitely be a repeat customer and am really glad that I found your website.
I spoke to you a coupe of weeks ago after trying one of your sample curries at Atlantic Village. Following your recommendation that the Patia was one fo your favourite curries, I bought one and headed home.
Last night I finally cooked it....Wow! Fantastic. The instructions seemed a little daunting to begin with but once I got the ball rolling it was pretty straight forward.
The depth of flavour of the curry was excellent, the sauce sumptuous and the heat perfectly balanced!
A great curry that I can highly recommend.
Thanks, I look forward to trying out another
I have just cooked one of your curries for the first time and it was a very simple process - easier than I anticipated. I made the Tikka Masala and it tasted wonderful. The initial taste was mild and creamy but then the spices kicked in and it was a real pleasure for the taste buds.
I am now thinking about who I can give one of your gift packs to, as it will be a unique present which I am sure will bring much pleasure,
Congratulations on producing such a great product.
We met you at Atlantic Village in Bideford in the summer. The taster we tried that day was too good to not buy a pack. We cooked the tikka masala last night and were amazed at how easy it was to make and how unbelievably tasty the curry was. We live in SW London and are spoilt for choice with Indian restaurants around - this is without doubt one of the best curries I've ever had!! Will be reordering today and recommending to friends.

:p I cooked for six adults using two packs. More than enough. Each one on several occasions stopped eating to say how good the meal was. Now if you knew my sons you would appreciate the enormity of that statement . I have used these twice and both curries suited all regardless of there previous preference .
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