Make a top-class restaurant-quality curry sauce at home

Suppliers to good Indian restaurants and caterers worldwide since 2009

Anglo Indian Chef curry’s unique base sauce enables you to create your own authentic, Indian restaurant curry sauce packed with flavour. Made with our specially blended spices, freshly ground to our unique recipe. Easy to cook – we provide all the spices, you just provide a few basic ingredients to create the best curry sauce you’ve ever made. Don’t believe it? Try one. 

No additives

Our curries do not contain preservatives, stabilisers, fillers or any other ingredients that you would not expect to find in a fresh restaurant curry. This makes our curries taste far superior to anything you can currently buy off a supermarket shelf or in a deli.

Our base sauce, which is ready to use in just five minutes, enables you to use the same process as the restaurant to make your curry; we have blended the spices to simplify the making of your curry without compromising the quality.

Our packs contain the correct quantities of all the freshly ground spices you need, all you need to supply are a few basic ingredients, which are listed on each pack, or feel free to experiment with your own choice of ingredients.