New Anglo Indian Chef Balti kit

These are of the Balti I made this morning. It's so easy and tastes sooo good!! 

Having fried the whole spices until fragrant we now add the onion, pepper and chilli and fry for 1-2 minutes.Vegetables and spices frying in a wok
Now I have added the spice blend and a teaspoon of salt.

Spices and salt added to the pan

This mixture is stirred around to coat the ingredients with the spices.

Stirring to coat the ingredients
The base sauce has been added along with 400ml of hot water and again stirred around to mix thoroughly. As this is done, the sauce thickens and the tomato pure is added, and we keep frying gently until the oil starts to separate.

The sauce mix and water have been added to the pan, forming a thin sauce
We now add the quartered tomatoes and, if it's ready, the chicken. (For this curry I've cooked tandoori chicken, but it's not quite ready to add at this stage).

The tomatoes have been added to the pan

Here is the chicken just prior to grilling.

Raw chicken pieces in a grill pan lined with cooking foil

Half a bunch of fresh coriander

Half a bunch of fresh coriander on a chopping board
The chicken is now cooked and ready to add.

The chicken pieces, still in the grill pan but now cooked
In goes the chicken and most of the yogurt, and it's given a good stir to coat the chicken.

Cooked chicken and yogurt added to pan
The coriander has been finely chopped...

Finely chopped coriander

... and added to the curry, and again we stir to mix it all together.

After stirring in the coriander
Sprinkle a little more on top to garnish...

Remaining coriander sprinkled over the top of the Balti
... and drizzle on a little more Yoghurt

The top of the Balti has been drizzled thinly with yogurt
Lastly we served it up with freshly cooked Onion Bhajis, Chapatis and mint sauce.

The Balti meal, complete with dishes containing onion bhajis, chapatis and mint sauce, ready to serve